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Enidio Magel

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Enidio holds a B.A. degree in cross-cultural psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and a M.A. degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica at Santa Monica. Mr. Magel’s primary areas of expertise involve the development of strategies for managing global diversity and inclusion in business, and education including the design and implementation of diversity based Human Resources and systems processes. He has been with Global OD Solutions since 2004.

Prior to his work in diversity in inclusion, Mr. Magel worked for Continental Airlines in various senior level management positions and was a founding member of People Express Airlines Inc. Mr. Magel is a published writer and a visiting faculty member for the Omega Institute.

Examples of initiatives led by Mr. Magel

The design and facilitation of cultural awareness training for schools and educational professionals. Training focuses on creating inclusive learning approaches as well as developing strategic alliances with parents and diverse communities.

The implementation of sales and marketing strategies for the Department of Commerce in Texas to stimulate the development of tourism and economic development for the state in Latin America.

The facilitation of diversity awareness training, including a component on sexual harassment and EEO for 14 Police and Sheriff’s Departments in the State of Texas including the Austin Police Department, Galveston Police Department and Travis County Sheriff’s Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.

A comprehensive, skills-based, cross-cultural training program for a major international airline’s customer service division. Training focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to deliver effectively targeted service support to a multicultural client base and to exceed various service expectations.

The design and facilitation of cultural competency training modules for healthcare professionals, which are currently being used by several health maintenance organizations throughout the state of Texas. In addition, Enidio has served as the internal consultant for the National Resource Center on Cultural Competency.

Conduct and evaluation of data from hundreds of focus groups for an international financial institution. The information that resulted from this major engagement was used to design and facilitate multi-language diversity management training programs worldwide.

Founder of the community Mentoring Network, a community-based mentoring program involving government and church institutions in a strategic alliance designed to address the psychological, spiritual, and developmental needs of first-time juvenile offenders.

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